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Selling your property the Seeff way – Part 3

Seef Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd

WHEN you contact a Seeff Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd negotiator to undertake a market assessment of your property be prepared to spend some time discussing the market in detail.

The negotiators will come equipped with details on capital gains, the transfer process and other details previously highlighted during their initial conversation with you.

After the inspection you will be able to discuss the reasons why the property is going on the market, your future plans, and agree upon an accurate and achievable marketing price.

Depending on your type of property, our negotiator will advise you of our marketing plan including:

Preparing a comprehensive listing of your property;

Prepare a property portfolio;

Prepare a local advert;

List your property on the internet;

Organise showdays and discuss viewing arrangements;

Contact and introduce pre-qualified buyers;

Access national and international referrals; and

Arrange the best time to contact you for regular feedback on all buyers that view your property.

It is very important that there is complete honesty between the seller and the Seeff agent to enable our agent to work in your best interests.

To ensure the best price for your property, we will suggest that the seller attends to the following:

Pretend you are a buyer going through your home with “new eyes”;

Tend to the lawn, paths and flowerbeds. Plant colourful annuals and keep the garden well watered;

All exterior woodwork, fascia boards, garage doors, window frames and pergolas should be painted or varnished;

Tidy the garage and remove any rubble;

Your home must be neat and look bright and inviting;

Open all curtains and turn on all lights on a gloomy day;

Keep your home uncluttered, especially if you keep pets. Open the windows and clean the carpets;

Small touches like a bowl of flowers lighten a room;

Remove stickers from walls and cupboard doors; and repair any hairline cracks and minor visual problem areas.

Once a sale is agreed, Seeff follows the sale through to the very end right up until the property is transferred at the Deeds Office.

This article was prepared by Seeff Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd.

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