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No copies of budget

GOVERNMENT yesterday failed to release copies of the 2007 budget to the media and MPs in what analysts said might have been an attempt to dodge immediate public scrutiny.

Copies of the budget were only distributed to President R

obert Mugabe and a handful of senior Zanu PF MPs. Apart from Murerwa himself, only Legal minister Patrick Chinamasa and Emmerson Mnangangwa had the document.

MPs from the both Zanu-PF and MDC were last night desperately hunting for the copy. By the time of going to press copies were still not available.

In the past the minister would avail his speech to all media and would also provide the “blue book” which gives a detailed account of the government’s expenditure estimates for the current year and projection for the coming year.

The blue book has not been released in the past two budgets. Attempts by journalists to get the document from the ministry were also futile. In the end all media organisations had to resort to electronic versions. The event lend to speculation that the government might have been trying to escape criticism by delaying the release of the document. — Staff Writer.

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