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The last advantage

By George W Nyabadza

THERE comes a time when every strategic tactic you implement is duplicated by your competitors within a very short space of time.

vetica, sans-serif”>With the current advances in communications technology, the lead time between implementation and duplication becomes shorter and shorter.

There however remains one last source of real advantage that can not be duplicated. This advantage lies untapped in the brains and hearts of your people.

Someone once asked Michelangelo how he could sculpt the beautiful marble statue of David. His classical reply: “I see David in the marble, my job is simply to remove the stone that is blocking him”, helps leaders think differently and raise their level of consciousness.

I firmly believe that in every person lies dormant a unique work of art, an expression of the divine, believing as I do, that every person is made in the image of the divine force that created the heavens and the earth and that within each human being is the essence of the divine; creativity, ingenuity, excellence, a desire for unlimited expression and a passion for excellence in every walk of life.

Every leader, at every level of organisation or society, needs to adopt Michelangelo’s consciousness; the ability to see a David behind and below the mess of confusion, mediocrity, weaknesses and fears that so often prevents the full expression of the divine in all of us.

Spiritual insight

My firm conviction is that managers are technically competent but leaders have spiritual depth (not of the religious kind).

In order for you to seek out the greatness within your followers, you need to have the spiritual insight to appreciate the existence of the divine greatness in the first place. Primarily, you need to understand that you yourself are a spiritual being in pursuit of the expression of your life calling.

It doesn’t matter what your calling is, absolutely no one can stop you from expressing it, no matter how much it may cost you. Such a commitment to purpose only endures spiritually. You need to discern the same spiritual call within your people and then take the necessary steps to unleash this power in their lives and into your organisation.

Personal attention

Sculpture is personal. The artist becomes so involved with the stone he is working on to the extent of living and sleeping in the workshop. There is a sense of love and commitment to bringing the true beauty hidden inside to life, irrespective of the discomfort that may be suffered in the process.

I would like to ask you how much personal attention you pay to extracting the ultimate best from your people. Do you have that love and commitment to release them to greatness, or are they just dispensable cogs in the wealth-creation machinery that you call your business?

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