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Leadership at the peak – The technology of building

George W Nyabadza

SOMEONE once said: “Where you will be in five years time will be a fairly accurate reflection of the books you read.”

l, Helvetica, sans-serif”>A great leadership and management book to immerse yourself in even if you never step through the door of a church is the Bible. One of my favourite stories that provide accurate technology for building a life or a business is the story of Noah.

As I am in the exciting process of rebuilding my life I refer continually to this amazing recording of the survival of mankind. I have since decoded several visionary building principles that I would like to share with you.

Divine relationships

Every leader needs to take time to develop their inner relationship with the Divine. I shall not prescribe the route for you. It’s an individual choice who and what you believe in but as a leader you really have no option but to explore and decide for yourself the spiritual path you will follow.

Only deeply spiritual (not religious) people have the capacity to lead themselves, their businesses and their nations to greatness.

Noah’s close relationship with God and his value-driven lifestyle modelled on the nature of the Creator qualified him for the role of bridging the gap between an order and society that would soon pass away and a new one.

No leader can sustainably lead an organisation or nation without a personal relationship with his Creator. It is through such a relationship that one’s spirit strengthens and develops to become pure exhibiting all the characteristics of the Divine: love, gentleness, purpose, grace, the power to forgive and unshakable strength and faith.

New vision

Probably one of the most awe- inspiring things about Noah was his capacity to receive an almost incomprehensible vision from God. It needed a deep level of spiritual growth to be able to understand with the human mind what God was putting forward. Understand that during Noah’s times, before the flood, there was no such thing as heavy rain, because it is written that “mist would moisten the earth”.

There were no boats and ships to mentally refer to as one tried to conceptualise the scale of the Ark, just understanding that everything visible would one day be submerged by the raging waters of a flood needed simple faith; accepting that there is a level of reality that is possible through accepting the sovereignty of the divine.

Every leader needs this capacity, without it what you build in your life and businesses will be nothing more than a geometric expansion of what already exists, what others have already created.

Too often in life we seek to build our lives by constant reference to what others have achieved. We benchmark ourselves against the so called best and as a result we limit our potential to exceed what already exists. Noah had no such external benchmark. He was building according to what was a reality in his spirit

A good question to ask yourself is whether you are building in reference to someone else (external focus) or whether you are building in relation to the measure of your spiritual greatness (internal focus).

Reality is created twice

Everything we see and experience in our lives is created twice, first in the imagination and then in the real world. To Noah the ark and the coming flood were already a reality; the external construct was just the downloading of this internal truth into the natural.

Any leader who achieves anything of great value understands this. Unless and until you have your new reality firmly fixed in your heart and mind, nothing great is going to happen.

South African-based George W Nyabadza is the chief executive officer of Achievement Success Dynamics International. For more information on leadership development programmes please visit our website www.achievement-success.com or e-mail George on info@achievement-success.com

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