Interfresh injects $600m into housing project

Staff Writer

INTERFRESH Holdings Ltd (Interfresh) has invested $600 million in a housing project to accommodate employees for Mazoe Citrus Estates, Mazoe Flowers and Export Processing Zone project, Smithfiel

d Flowers. The project began on August 18.

The company this week said expansion of housing was necessitated for two main reasons.

Firstly, additional housing was required to accommodate the increased labour force required to operate expanded and new Interfresh projects on the estates, namely Mazoe Flowers and Smithfield Flowers.

Secondly, due to the ongoing upgrades at Mazoe Citrus, through the increased hectarage on citrus and increased capacity in both the juicing factory and packhouse to accommodate the increased volumes from new plantings, more housing was required.

The housing is being constructed from prefabricated concrete, plastered walling, asbestos roofing and blocked concrete floors.

The company said the project comprises of 115 x 3 roomed units and 308 x 1-roomed units, which will provide additional accommodation for up to 550 new employees.

Apart from being electrified, management will also put in additional kitchens, blair toilets and washing sinks with direct water supply to each home.

The three bedroomed homes have been designed for families, whereas the single bedroom units are preferred for bachelors, and mainly to cater for the seasonal tractor drivers and field workers.

The chairman of the workers committee, Ka-pinde Mapiye said construction of the houses was a welcome development for staff as it was going to uplift the employees’ standards of living.