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The route to success

By George W Nyabadza

IT’S amazing how much can be read into 600 words. In the past two weeks I have engaged in a wide variety of discussions centred on determining my political aff

iliations with limited success for those interested in this bit of information.

However, I haven’t stopped reflecting on how a personal development discourse could have generated so many different and heated opinions and views. It all started with my article of two weeks ago where, in my view at least, I sought to highlight the importance of the individual jealously guarding and preserving their ownership rights of being the architect and builder of their life.

I structured the case for doing this around my own experiences during the past five-year period which includes the last elections and argued that irrespective of the outcome of the next parliamentary election my life is still mine to live.

Therefore, my primary function is to ensure no one and nothing gets in the way of the pursuit of my dreams. Now the message was simple enough, at least I thought: you are in charge of your destiny. You have the resources you need to positively determine the direction of your life and to respond to any situation that life throws your way. Carry that with you wherever you go.

I have been asked what is the quickest way to achieve one’s goals.

On a different note, over the years I have come to realise that there is no short-cut to goal realisation. I have been asked over and over again the shortest and least effort route to success. There is no short-cut as each person’s circumstances are unique.

Instead of searching for a short-cut, look for the critical path. The effort can be likened to the project management process where you draw up a detailed work breakdown schedule, assigning times and responsibilities to tasks and resources. Once this is done you hit the button and your project management software generates the critical path for you.

The cumulative time along the critical path is the least time to complete the project. There are no short-cuts outside of this time. It’s the same with goal realisation. Determine the critical path and that is the “short-cut” route.

Having said that, knowledge of the process doesn’t guarantee the result. One of the reasons people do not achieve their goals is because they fail to get their visions, understandings, beliefs, principles and great ideas into the body as neuro-physiological responses.

In other words, the aspirations should be converted into automatic behavioural responses that are almost second nature. The process that NLP practitioners encourage is the use of a common neuro-muscular activity that’s nearly magical in the results achieved. This activity is called “writing”. Putting in print the action plans and then specifying when, where, with whom, and how the process will unfold coaches the body how to feel our inspiring visions and great ideas. When that happens, then those visions and ideas become our “way of being in the world”.

It becomes lifestyle so that we “load” that matrix into our mind-body-emotion system. Then it is not merely “intellectual”, the ideas are coalesced into muscle and neurology and come out in everyday life as talent-turned-into-skills, as effective performance.

This year I have coached over a thousand people in various settings. I have been amazed at how many people never ever write down their goals. This is not out of ignorance of the process because the bulk of these people are business or societal leaders. I put the reason down to lack of appreciation of how “writing” is an extremely powerful transformational process. Just the process of writing down your intended goals for the next year will generate excitement about the future. Possibly the most important exercise you can embark on from now to year-end is downloading your desires onto paper.

After every training there is always an excitement, a rush and the excitement of taking on a new project or making a significant personal change. To convert this energy into reality and to live the life of our dreams is the ultimate challenge and a high possibility if the mind-muscle neurology process above is applied.

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