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Special Affairs mini-ster for the Anti–Corruption and Anti-Monopolies progra-mme, Didymus Mutasa, last week had more than 250 Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) annual congress delegate

s in stitches when he pointed out the lack of sloganeering at the two-day event.

“I have been used to addressing rallies for the past 10 years and not business executives like you,” he said in his opening address to congress.

“I, therefore, feel very intimidated to be talking to you today where there are no slogans.”

Mutasa bounced back into President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet after having spent more than 10 years doing Zanu PF duties at the party’s headquarters.

Mutasa said slogans were “appropriate” because they could dissuade corporate bosses from engaging in corrupt activities.

“Slogans are very appropriate,” he said. “I am surprised by the absence of them here today. We sometimes need to say ‘Pamberi’ or ‘Pasi’ to certain things.”

Mutasa said the past two years had been extremely difficult for the nation’s economy, which was however now showing signs of recovery.

He said some of the problems could have been caused by the “negative attitude” of the West and donor organisations in an unsuccessful attempt to detract investors.

Mutasa is among several ministers that have proposed that Zimbabwe dump the West including the Bretton Woods institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, saying they are worsening the country’s plight.

He, however, admitted that the manufacturing sector’s contribution to the fiscus had nose-dived from 25% in the 1990s to the current 12%.

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