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LEADERSHIP AT THE PEAK – Building momentum

By George W Nyabadza

THE whole business of success has many interesting facets to it: motivational speakers dancing crazily on the stage trying to con you to buy some quick fix solution, authors proclaiming

that they have just discovered the solution and balm to all your problems if only you buy their book and read it, overnight business “successes” declaring that there is no trick to getting wealthy except using common sense. And on and on the claims are published to an unsuspecting public eager to lift themselves out of the poverty trap while the hard-earned money is spent on the gimmicks.

So you attend the seminar, buy the book, try the common sense approach and presto! No overnight success, instead the frustration continues and in most cases it does seem as if you are actually regressing. What happened?

Did the motivational speaker lie, did the author mislead us, and does common sense not work?

In previous articles I recommended that you attend as many legitimate motivational seminars as you can, read as widely as possible in the field of success and achievement and in line with the latter do as much of your own research as possible. If you are a regular reader of this column you will by now appreciate my bent and respect for engaging with life’s challenges as that is the only way that the deep inner wisdom within you will be expressed and with that expression will come the revelation of your authentic self, the unique blueprint in which is encoded your ultimate potential.

In my own experience there is no quick fix short cut to achieve and experience full revelation of the authentic self as encoded in the blue print.

There is a journey to be completed, a process of individuation, as Carl Jung puts it, a personal process of working with the ultimate power that holds the universe together in unshakeable faith that one will prevail and that each step completed is an attainment of a higher level of self expression.

I am not really sure where motivational speakers and authors get the “quick fix” solution stuff from.

Have you ever been to one of these massive church conferences or rallies where the “Holy Spirit fire will be performing miracles?” How often have you seen some miracle happen or how often have you experienced a miraculous healing or feeling of change deep within you only to observe the healing or feeling disappear in a few days’ time?

It’s one thing to experience a healing fuelled by fired-up emotions and it’s something else to experience total and lasting healing. You hardly get the latter from an emotional service just as you surely will not get your life transformed from the emotional hype generated by a motivational speaker. Now you may be getting confused. On one hand I seem to be poking at motivational speakers whilst on the other I am saying get to all the motivational events that you can. There is no contradiction, there is a principle I want you to bear in mind and it’s called building momentum.

There is no such thing as overnight success. Anyone who tells you that should be run out of town. In everything there is a process. What you need to do is to learn to get as much understanding, wisdom and knowledge as you can and to use these to actively engage with every single aspect of your existence, the challenges and the day-by-day stuff.

Day-by-day, a little bit here and a little bit there. You can imagine turning a huge wheel, in the beginning there is hardly any movement but with time, effort and consistency the wheel turns ever so slowly and if the pressure is sustained momentum will gather and before you know it, it’s one turn a minute, then two, five, 20 and off it goes. Be persistent and you will succeed.

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