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Zimsec has failed the nation

THERE is virtue in admitting failure and taking the inevitable move – resigning. The late Education minister Edmund Garwe taught us this lesson. This is an open letter to the Zimbabwe Schools Exa

minations Council (Zimsec) director Happy Ndanga. I am writing as a concerned parent first and then as a trade unionist.

What is going on at Zimsec? Are you sure you are still in control of things?

The nation wants an explanation as to why Zimsec in a free-fall and yet you were appointed to restore sanity at that institution. When Isaiah Sibanda left, the nation heaved a sigh of relief hoping that whoever took over would change things for the better and restore confidence in Zimsec.

You were appointed to specifically put an end to the leaking of examination question papers, sending of wrong results to students, low morale among examiners because of poor remuneration and general inefficiency in the running of the centre. How have you fared so far? Dismally.

A year has gone by and what we have is more chaos. As I write, most students who sat for June 2003 ‘O’ and ‘A’ level mathematics, accounting and geography got ‘A’s in mathematics, chemistry and biology. There are many more cases of bungled results. Some students have been able to purchase examination answer scripts before entering the exam room.

While such chaos continues to prevail you have remained silent. Do you think you are the best person for that job, having spent the past nine or so years in the President’s Office?

As the Progressive Teachers’ Union, we publicly questioned your suitability for that post. Now we have been vindicated. At least Isaiah Sibanda did communicate with stakeholders. By contrast, you appear unperturbed by the goings-on at an institution you are supposed to be running.

Examinations have been localised and this was done primarily to cut costs since the need for foreign currency would be done away with. It appears we were better off with Cambridge. We have simply failed to run Zimsec.

Finally Mr Ndanga, alert Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere to this letter as he appears totally oblivious of what is happening. Students are receiving results in subjects they never sat for and the minister only gets to know about this from the press – unbelievable!

The long and short of what we are saying is you two should resign because you have failed the nation.

David Gato,

Information and Publicity


Progressive Teachers Union of


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