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Zanu PF defacing our history

HAVING broken all the rules in the book, Zanu PF now wants to call its plunder of our resources, its scandalous land reform programme and systematic purging of the soldiers of democracy, Chimurenga Three.

ce=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Maybe my history teacher got it all wrong. He said the land question was the main motivation behind the first and second Chimurengas, but not the only one. People took up arms against a minority authority which had imposed itself on the majority. It was a titanic battle pitting the oppressed against the oppressor.

The oppressed fought for the right to exist and to participate in the creation of a vision for Zimbabwe. They sacrificed their lives for justice, peace, equality and freedom for all. They fought for the right to belong to the community of the free world.

There are parallels in the current struggle. On one side is a regime, Zanu PF, determined to rob us of all of the ideals mentioned above. On the other side, the majority’s will persevere in spite of the persecution.

Chimurenga is in our midst, but you don’t need the brains of a rocket scientist to determine which side is which. We, the people of Zimbabwe, are in another struggle for liberation, Chimurenga Three, from Zanu PF’s clutches.

One can understand why this party is desperate to associate its outlawed rule with “the people’s struggle”. It has never been able to grasp the true essence of Chimurenga.

Chimurenga is an unbroken chain, laid on the foundation of a determined human struggle. The spirit is not static; it matures with age and assumes different forms.

Zanu PF’s uneducated interpretation of Chimurenga revolves around the land issue and every other project the regime embarks on. Is the party aware that it didn’t exist when Nehanda inspired the first Chimurenga?

Both Mugabe and his party are defacing our history. They now want to take a leap ahead of us, to force themselves into the present and the future, by inventing history. Mugabe is using the party to deconstruct his irrevocably notorious legacy. With its continued perpetuation of a stolen mandate, the party is defeating itself. It’s even surrendering its stake in Chimurenga Two.

Obert Ronald Madondo,

Toronto, Canada.

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