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Why the infantile reaction?

WHY do the MDC MPs react with such “juvenility” on certain issues? “Mpofu has case: Nkomo”, (Zimbabwe Independent, December 1).

We had Job Sikhala jumping around shouting “Obert wasviba, aenda uyu, you are gone

” when the case against Industry & International Trade minister Obert Mpofu on alleged contempt of parliament was brought to parliament last week.

It is apparent Sikhala has yet to learn that these things have happened before and nothing has come of them.

We need leaders who are able to control themselves and not rejoice at the slightest glimmer when eventually nothing comes of it.

This has been a major weakness of the opposition — the naivety to believe that Zanu PF will allow one of its own to sink. Mark my words, something will happen, and Mpofu’s case will not be treated the way Roy Bennett’s was treated. Where will Sikhala and his premature elation be?

The same applies to Sikhala’s erstwhile leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who is prone to make promises that lead to nothing eventually. Perhaps we should rejoice with Sikhala now rather than hold our breath. We can look back at the good time we had anticipating that which never was or will be.



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