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What is this thing called law?

I WAS astonished to read a letter from JA Van Wyk (Independent, October 31) about the incident which occurred to the Van Wyk family and tourists at Hippo Pools campsite in Umfurudzi Safari Area.<

It made me angry to learn that the disturbances were initiated by the so-called young war veterans – an age group that never fought nor saw the liberation war.

How stupid to chase away visitors who bring us the foreign currency we are hunting for with red eyes? What picture does it paint? They are scaring away visitors to this country during the festive season.

We are suffering now because of these so-called war veterans. They destroyed everything, every industry, especially farming and tourism.

They invaded farms, building makeshift hovels on tobacco fields, thatching their huts using rice, wheat, millet and maize stalks and making mattresses and pillows using cotton ready to be marketed to the Cotton Marketing Board. Their brains need to be examined by a specialist.

So my question still stands today, tomorrow and forever: Where is this thing called law and what is it?

Edward Gilbert,


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