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We have golden opportunity with Gono

SO now we have a taskforce to monitor forex and the police out in force confiscating forex and fuel from dealers!

Can’t the government realise that the situation

it has created is so bad now that the only way forward is for it to leave us to govern ourselves, forex and all? Everything government does just hurts the economy more.

Government is proving itself to be totally incompetent and even stooping to be childish in its stupid attempts to rein in a collapsing economy.

President Robert Mugabe and his ministers should admit openly, if they were half men, that they cannot govern anymore and let formal and informal business get on with it. They need to stop being so childish as to see a saboteur behind every deal.

They have shown how pathetic they are by calling for a National Economic Consultative Forum meeting to work out a way forward and then either not bothering to attend or wasting everyone’s time blaming Tony Blair for their incompetence.

If government won’t get out of the way and allow business to operate to correct the imbalances created by its crazy policies, then it is up to the business community to shut down until the government backs off, otherwise all will be lost.

Business cannot operate with government outdoing itself with wilder solutions week after week. There is a golden opportunity now with Gideon Gono being appointed governor of the Reserve Bank.

Let him do his job in conjunction with the business community and we might get out of this mess. Carry on meddling with communism and other wild theories and we are doomed.

A McCormick,


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