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The Independent a masterpiece

OVER the past few years the Zimbabwe Independent has become the country’s leading weekly. In my book, it has surpassed the Financial Gazette as the foremost weekly independent.

Credit has to be given to Zimind for being consistent in giving us that independent, flawless view.

I would like to take my hat off to Iden Wetherell and his team for producing this masterpiece. While other publications like the Fingaz have fallen aside, you have continued to express your thoughts despite the political climate.

A quality paper should cater for the diverse choices of people, which the Independent does.

I must say sometimes I get frustrated because I hardly know where to start when I am reading your paper. There is always something to look forward to: the Muckraker column, the Eric Bloch column, IW’s editorial comment, and Namate’s cartoon to mention but a very few.

I urge you guys to continue keeping us well-informed of the latest developments in this country where citizens are deprived of the truth.

Maybe you should consider launching a daily, we can’t get enough of your weekly.



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