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Reject Zanu PF ploy

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s latest ploy to extend his term of office to 2010 must be rejected by all patriotic Zimbabweans who want a new Zimbabwe characterised by freedom, prosperity and democracy.

The Zanu PF mouthpieces ha

ve now confirmed the people’s suspicions that Mugabe’s term, which expires in 2008, will be extended to allow him to continue ruining the country until 2010.

This is unadulterated constitutional fraud. Presidential terms are six-year terms; even under the current defective constitution, and Zimbabweans demand to know on whose mandate Zanu PF seeks to extend an illegitimacy that will mete out further punishment on the people.

The MDC reiterates its position that only a new people-driven constitution and not piecemeal amendments by Zanu PF, is the panacea to the crisis of legitimacy and governance facing this regime.

Mugabe should not be allowed to abuse a controversial and technical majority in parliament to buy himself a safe exit. He is an illegitimate president whose incumbency is being challenged in court. He now wants to use his parliamentary technical majority, which is being challenged through several electoral petitions that are yet to be heard, to buy himself a further two years in office.

Zimbabwe cannot have an illegitimate president using an illegitimate technical majority to seek further tenancy at State House. The regime simply wants to buy more time to handle its contentious and divisive succession drama that has turned out to be a real-life “soap opera”.

The MDC believes that seeking a further extension of his term through parliament is tantamount to Zanu PF turning an internal succession squabble into a national crisis. Zanu PF is unelectable, leaderless, divided and candidateless. In short, Zanu PF is a party in crisis.

The MDC leadership, supporters and the people of Zimbabwe shall not allow a unilateral declaration of a Zanu PF-imposed coup on the wishes of the majority. The country is bigger than Zanu PF. Zimbabwe belongs to all its people who are the ultimate authority in the governance of the country.

All political parties, the churches, labour unions, students, civic groups and the generality of Zimbabweans must demand that Zimbabwe adopts a people-driven constitution that should lead to free and fair elections under international supervision. We believe that Mugabe’s time is nigh and that all patriotic Zimbabweans must heed the call to save our country.

Change demands action. Our country deserves better. A new Zimbabwe is inevitable.

Nelson Chamisa,

MDC Secretary for

Information and Publicity.

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