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Privatise and list Zisco

IT’S amazing to see what a great change has come over this country in only five years. Former Finance minister Simba Makoni devalued the currency to US$1:$50 (prior to revaluation) in August 2000 and was forced to resign shortly th

ereafter for failing to be a ndoda sibili (a real man).

Gideon Gono has presided over it from an un-revalued $4 100 (January 2004) reaching an official US$1:$250 in two years — a whopping 5 998% devaluation and he is hailed as a national saviour!

Since Makoni’s devaluation, the currency has fallen 499 900%!

The nation used to earn close to 1,8 billion euro from beef exports alone to the EU while the national herd stood at 1,4 million beasts in 2000. Currently, the national herd stands at less than 500 000, and we have begun to include the communal herd to get good numbers.

Projections are that in five years there won’t be any beef in this country — that includes the communal herd that’s not being dipped or sprayed.

The bulk of national steel and coal supplies required by major corporate consumers are being imported, starving us of foreign currency.

Zisco should be privatised and listed on the ZSE with government retaining 10-20% in trust through NSSA, instead of bringing in some Chinese. We have ministers who “lost” an entire report on Zisco now telling us they are serious about corruption by arresting a few low-key officials. The serious cats always get away as usual and no catchy jingles will rid the country of graft if the corrupt ministers are not brought to book.

Zisco must be privatised and list ed on the ZSE, to give the fiscus a breather. Our leadership seems to think that letting go of control is a weakness. We’ll leave posterity to judge which was the worse position.



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