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Mweb responds to Muck

REFRENCE is made to an article on Mweb in the Muckraker column (Zimbabwe Independent, December 8).

Muckraker needs to refer to his sister newspaper, The Standard, where a special supplement de

tailed everything there is to know about the new PaSangano building, including the fact that the name means “meeting place”.

Mweb Zimbabwe is one of the tenants in the prestigious building and although there were a number of unavoidable service delivery problems resulting from the move of our servers to the new offices, these were resolved very quickly and the benefits of the move already outweigh these initial disadvantages. We have, of course, apologised to customers and others for these disruptions and as a team we now focus on improved service delivery from here on.

Perhaps Muckraker should overcome his/her disappointment about having one less source of “refreshment” and can rest assured that, instead, data is flowing in abundance.

Muckraker should come and take a look at what is being achieved at PaSangano by Mweb and the other organisations now in place here.

Nikki Lear,

Chief operating officer,

Mweb Zimbabwe.

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