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Let’s talk inflation

THE rate of inflation growth is rising. This month it came in at 526%, which was a faster growth rate than the last few months. The rate of inflation is increasing at about 11% a month.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>It will take almost double on December 1 to buy the same stuff you could buy on November 1 for less than $1 million. In January 2004 you will need $2 million, in April $4 million, and September almost $10 million. At this average rate of growth inflation will top 1 000% at the beginning of April 2004 and by this time next year it will have topped 2 000%. By this time next year a $2 800 loaf of bread will cost about $30 000 – that’s 30 $1 000 bills.

One kg of mince that costs about $28 000 now will cost about $300 000 the same time next year.

Before you think that’s impossible remember the Weimar Republic, Yugoslavia and Brazil.

Thank goodness our vastly capable government has things well under control!



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