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It’s a good starting point

IT was refreshing to read the Candid Comment “Biggest sin bishops committed”, (Zimbabwe Independent, November 10).

Dialogue is the way to go and the Vision Document is a vital step in that direction. Oppressive regimes wi

ll remain oppressive but engaging them will help to free them from the siege mentality they are under. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

When President Mugabe said he wanted dialogue between Harare and London through the mediation of Benjamin Mkapa, it was believed this was the only way the crisis in Zimbabwe would be solved.

Bishop Trevor Manhanga and team have just tried their hand at achieving this but to our utter surprise, these so-called activists are ganging up against them.

Whether the Vision Document was edited by President Mugabe or not, it is still a good starting point. Criticising just for the sake of it is unhelpful.



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