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How do you explain this?

THE Zimbabwe Independent has persistently denied that there are international sanctions against Zimbabwe but against individuals in government. How then do you explain the reasons behind Olivine Industries’ decision to stop cooking oil production

as you reported? “Olivine Industries ceases cooking oil production”, (Independent, November 24)

“Section 4 of the Act directs the Secretary of the Treasury “to instruct US executive directors to multilateral development banks and international financial institutions to propose review of, the cancellation or reduction of indebtedness owed by, or the extension of loans, credit, or guarantees to, the Government of Zimbabwe (until) the President’s certification to the appropriate congressional committees that: (1) the rule of law has been restored in Zimbabwe; (2) certain election or pre-election conditions have been met; (3) the Government of Zimbabwe has demonstrated a commitment to an equitable, legal, and transparent land reform programme that is consistent with agreements reached at the International Donors’ Conference on Land Reform and Resettlement in Zimbabwe held in Harare, Zimbabwe, in September 1998”.

You owe it to your readers to be factual and not engage in deliberate disinformation.

George Bachinche,


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