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He’s seen company grow

HAVING worked for the Zimind Publishers for seven years as a driver/handyman, Ernest Nyamukondiwa says his stay at the company has been worthwhile and fruitful.

Nyamukondiwa joined Zimind Publishers in 1999 and he is the oldest employee in Bulawayo boasting many working ye

ars at the company.

At the time of joining the firm, Diana Connery was head of the Bulawayo bureau office where Nyamukondiwa is based.

Going down memory lane, Nyamukondiwa says he has during his stay seen the company grow especially looking at the staff complement and the offices the Zimind Publishers Bulawayo office now occupies.

“When I joined the company, we were less than five,” Nyamukondiwa said. “I have seen reporters and advertising personnel come and go.

“I remember at the time of joining the company we used to have two offices, one for the manager and another one for everyone else.

“But now, for example, looking at the offices that we now occupy and the staff that we have, then, it never crossed my mind the paper would grow to such levels,” says Nyamukondiwa.

He joined the company at the age of 33.

“I have enjoyed my stay with the firm, and on top of that, there are many things that I am grateful that the company did for me,” Nyamukondiwa said.

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