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Don’t blame young musicians

I WOULD like to correct Cee Tee Go in his letter “Local artists not cutting it” (Independent, November 7).

Bob Marley w

rote all of his songs except the ones he co-wrote with Peter Tosh or Bunny Wailer. So does Michael Jackson. Not all these artists know how to play instruments, produce or direct videos. This is done by recording companies, which is what is lacking in Zimbabwe.

Not all types of music need guitars. The type of music most artists are playing is called urban and includes ragga, hip hop & r’n’b which is all produced digitally.

Being an artist myself based in the UK I have had the advantage of attending music business seminars and from what I leant, the problem does not lie with the artist but with recording companies and the government.

In the UK 80% is given to homegrown talent and the government funds projects for upcoming artists. They have talent shows on national TV like Pop Idol and Fame Academy where budding artists are nurtured until they reach a stage when they can go it alone. All this is for free. So whose to blame in Zimbabwe?



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