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Confidence in police force at lowest ebb

By Ndini Zvangu

WITH all due respect to the senior police officer in charge of Harare Central district, I just want to know: “What do the cops really do?”

align=justify>Police in the Avenues area are fast asleep. They have been for a while, and if they continue neglecting their duties, it will be difficult for the public to take the entire institution seriously.

A Zesa sub-station in the Montagu area was vandalised in the past two months. Approximately 120 families were without electricity for a month.

The rate of proliferation of prostitution which has spilled over into daytime, gives the impression that the law enforcers have practically given up, totally out of control!

Touts have taken over Fife Avenue shopping centre and fights are the order of the day.

On Sunday a week ago, I witnessed two fights in one hour — and guess what — no cop was in sight. One incident involved a drunken youth harassing the proprietor of a business at the shopping centre. Legitimate business is now under threat.

Public drinking at Montagu and Fife avenue shops goes on unchecked. Vegetable vendors have taken over the intersection at Mazowe Street and Josiah Chinamano at the Travel Plaza, and drivers have to take extra caution to avoid hitting their customers standing defiantly right in the street at that junction as one approaches.

These are the observations of one person and if you opened a direct hotline to your office you would be inundated. In fact, an opinion survey among people living in this district would reveal that confidence in the force is at its lowest.

What should residents do to regain peace of mind? We also expect effective representation on these concerns from the “responsible” MP.

* Ndini Zvangu is a pen name for a writer based in Harare.

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