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Cargill deserves our thanks

IT was interesting reading an article on “Banks start limiting cash withdrawals” (Herald, November 5). The last statement said: “Bearer cheques were first introduced by Cargill as a form of payme

nt to farmers.” Although I remember very well this Cargill initiative, I never, at that time, really appreciated its value until the Reserve Bank adopted it as a result of the cash crisis.

Now the question is, was this Cargill invention patented or patentable? I think the country and the RBZ owe Cargill a huge debt of gratitude, and Cargill probably deserves a proper recognition for its innovation/invention.

This is a classic example of how individual entities, whether private or public, can make a huge contribution to society.

From the land of milk, honey and gold – Zimbabwe.

C Mambwere,


Heritage Computers.

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