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Bill poised to spawn divorces, just watch!

I AM completely against the idea of abusing women for the simple reason that a woman is born out of a combination of a man and woman and biblically from the rib of a man.

No sane man would advocate wife battering an

d abuse of girls as in one way or another, he would have a daughter.

What I have noted though is that the proposed Domestic Violence Bill has been hijacked by errant women who have no respect whatsoever for the family institution.

Most of these are out of marriages for a number of reasons which include extra-marital affairs. I may sound subjective but this is the reality.

These women simply do not want to be answerable for their actions to their men. The definition of domestic violence and emotional abuse should clearly be qualified so that we avoid the contamination of the family institution.

Let’s try and guard against foreign influences on important issues which bind our society. A European family is clearly different from an African family.

This Bill should have contained clauses which largely deal with physical violence and abuse for a start, while issues of emotional abuse would be incorporated with time.

It should be noted that this is a peculiar Bill which deals with societal and human behaviour, which somehow change over time in response to environmental changes and hence could be amended.

I have never seen properly married women participating in demonstrations organised by the gender-based groups.

My challenge to the Ministry of Gender and Women’s Affairs with the assistance of the Central Statistical Office is to carry out a study of divorces from the day this Bill is going to be signed and compare it to the historical trends. Chickens will certainly come home to roost.
Family Man,

Chimberengwa Village,

Tandi, Rusape.

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