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We surely can’t suffer for Zinwa’s sins

WHEN we condemned the formation of the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) to run the water affairs of Harare, Town House cried foul and accused residents of unfairly demonising the commission.

Zinwa officials were invited

to attend various residents’ associations’ meetings in different wards but failed to fulfil their promises.

We thought it was too early to criticise the water body and decided to give it time to produce positive results.

Today, Harare is running dry, thanks to our “reputable” water body and the inefficient commission running the city.

When we consider the fact that Zinwa’s first move towards “improving” water services in Harare was to hike water rates to unreasonable amounts, one would expect the water situation in the city to have improved by now.

The exorbitant rates imposed by Zinwa and the city of Harare are ridiculous and highly-unjustified to say the least.

The provision of water services in the city has worsened since the animal called Zinwa was given the mandate to manage water.

Most residential areas in the city have been going without the “drop of life” for weeks yet Zinwa was not even ashamed to publish its timetable for water-cuts.

The Reserve Bank had to embark on a capital injection programme to snatch the city from the jaws of hell, a situation brought about by the dismal failure of Zinwa to deliver.

One wonders where all the money from the ratepayers has been going if Zinwa is failing to pay for the treatment of water and maintenance of its infrastructure.

How can we be told that there is a shortage of water in Harare when the city is littered with numerous burst pipes of clean water which have been left unattended for months, even years?

Water is being wasted through these burst pipes and residents have been calling on Town House and Zinwa to attend to this problem, but the two allies have turned a deaf ear to their pleas.

Whose fault is it then that a water shortage is looming in Harare?

As residents we should refuse to suffer for the sins of Zinwa. The unholy alliance between Zinwa and Town House has brought untold suffering.

Living without adequate water supplies is a health and environmental hazard, and if this problem is not solved as a matter of urgency, the city will be plunged into an environmental mess.

The performance of Zinwa leaves a lot to be desired and the overzealous water body has clearly demonstrated its ineffectiveness and irrelevance in management of water services.

As residents we want continuous water supplies because we pay for it and it is our basic right.

The fact that water is in short supply is not our problem but Zinwa’s.

Loreen Mupasiri.


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