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Vision document will only delegitimise its authors

ATTEMPTS by elements of the church to go it alone, ignoring their erstwhile partners in civil society, to engage with the criminal and illegitimate regime are reactionary, collaborationist and counter-productive.

The fawning att

itude demonstrated towards President Mugabe by Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe bishop Trevor Manhanga are an insult to those who are struggling for a new Zimbabwe.

The bishop is deluded if he thinks that Mugabe is capable of engaging in genuine negotiations. Mugabe only uses such initiatives to distract, delay and divide. He has no intention of addressing the crisis in this country since that would require an end to his denialism and an admission of culpability.

He will continue to mouth empty slogans and to blame the blameless. The only outcome of this vision document will be to delegitimise those churches and their leaders who are wasting their time engaging with the criminals who have destroyed the country, its economy and its people.

The bishop and his colleagues would do better to pray than to engage in false initiatives that serve no-one except the author of our misery.

Pius Ncube remains a shining example of principled church leadership that refuses to be co-opted by the regime.

The initiative is stillborn.

Mike Davies,

chairman, Combined Harare

Residents’ Association.

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