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Tsvangirai must avoid colluding with Zanu PF

ON current evidence even the soul-mate of Zanu PF, President Thabo Mbeki has had enough. Mbeki’s excuse that being involved in Zimbabwe would cost South Africans dear is far off the mark.

l, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The loss for South Africa will be greater because of Mbeki’s lack of leadership, foresight and hindsight. Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that there are many Zimbabweans in South Africa who will prove or demonstrate the intimidation, corruption, lawlessness and greed that exists in Zimbabwe today; a reign of terror compatible with other excesses in history.

People who remain with a guerilla mentality are not amenable to talking forums and problem resolution through civilised behaviour and discussion.

The current financial crisis will bury Zanu PF forever and I hope Mbeki will not expect the new Zimbabwe to pay for the stolen farms, and unpaid bills owed to South Africa, Libya , Malaysia, China etc.

As the old adage goes “wadziya moto nembavha imbavha” (he who is seen in the company of thieves is a thief). Mbeki has supported, encouraged and given excuses for Mugabe at every stage.

He is Mugabe’s praise singer and apologist. His current stance on Aids shows how out of touch African leaders are about the needs of their constituents.

Zimbabweans voted against Zanu PF’s plans and what they got was pain, torture, harassment and now suffering worse than any white man imposed on blacks.

The current Zanu PF agenda is nothing more than outdated ideology. The faults of the whites can be rationalised better than black on black violence.

The future is about tolerance, freedom, political pluralism and respect of human rights. This may be alien to Africa and Africans but for a better future this is the road to go. Democracy underpins the most successful societies whatever shortcomings there may be.

Morgan Tsvangirai might not be able to demonstrate experience but he should not tarnish his image by colluding with Zanu PF. See where the experience and degrees in violence have put us.

Remember what happened to Zapu, Joshua Nkomo, Dumiso Dabengwa, Ndabaningi Sithole, Edgar Tekere, Edson Zvobgo and Dzikamai Mavhaire, among others.

The people had their say at elections and were robbed. The people of Zimbabwe should sacrifice and support Tsvangirai and demonstrate they want change and not a mere accommodation of empty Zanu PF rhetoric which has only benefited Zanu PF members and not the rest of us.

The struggle must go on, and we ought to proceed as happened in Kenya. All wrong-doers should be brought to justice.

Oh, about $500 bills?

No business should accept them until the old bills are all destroyed.

One suspects this might be a bit of creative accounting to benefit certain individuals. After all, the RBZ is now the personal bank for the elite and has lost its independence. It’s time too for the police, army, airforce personnel and civil servants to take a decision on where they stand.

Their partisan action has exarcebated what was already a difficult situation. Without the rule of law we are no more than animals.

By the way Mr President, going to Church is a wholesome and sobering action and people are known by their deeds.

Love is greater than most ideals and I suggest we start loving the MDC, people, children, whites, farmers, peasants etc.

Advice to the MDC: please get some advice from people in Botswana who have demonstrated how democracy can bring rewards and justice.

The Codesa team is full of good people; one hopes they will offer appropriate support and guidance. The MDC needs to deliver when it gets to power.

Politicians must be professional and should be excluded from activities that are not in keeping with the legislators’ role and a limit of presidential terms must be enshrined in the constitution.

We now must know what is on the MDC agenda. For the MDC legislators who are afraid for their lives, think on it and find other safe jobs.

Politics should be a vocation. Remember Zimbabwe citizens have already spilt blood for the MDC legislators to sit in the Zimbabwe Parliament, let’s not forget those who made the final sacrifice. As they say, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Struggle On,


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