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Today’s youths a disgrace

I AM not in the habit of writing to newspapers but my father of 84 years has insisted that he needs to tell Zimbabweans (through me) how important our future is and how much time we are wasting.<

My father was able to feed, clothe, educate and purchase houses in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

He retired in 1981, purchased a truck and went into business. My mother continued with her market gardening. My father always said he was not happy with the present government.

He said I should not trust it. I do not like the look on the face of the “man-in-charge. He will betray us all.” You will not want to hear what my father has to say today. He is disgusted that his granddaughter who is attending school in Mufakose cannot speak better English or Shona than him.

My father says our own black people have destroyed this country through greed and looting. The young Zimbabwean is not prepared to work for his living but is taught by the authorities to steal and loot.

Guess what, we listened and now we are a disgrace to people of my father’s generation.

My father has asked me to urge all young Zimbabweans to rise, take note of their conscience and go back to being dignified and proud Zimbabweans.

Wise Old Man,


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