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The guys had a mission

THE president and his “wives” and thugs maintain that the MDC, Whites, the British, the US and NGOs are all at fault for the sinking economy. If that is the case, what has

the president done in the past 23 years? What contribution has he and his ministers (who are by the way our servants) made?

I know, first they went with their begging bowl overseas and then promptly stole, raped and looted. The servants had no time for the people of Zimbabwe, they were on a mission and even accomplished it by leaving the country dry!

We the people of Zimbabwe jumped on their bandwagon and became as greedy as the servants. You see, they didn’t want to be alone in corruption. They made sure that people also became corrupted so they wouldn’t feel guilty.

If any one of you out there has a heart you would put an end to this madness that has hit the country. But again, do you want to?

My friends, my father and mother have taught me well and I am proud of being a common man trying to put food on my family table. I know through prayers change will come and I hope the new government will bring the thugs to book.

God Bless Zimbabwe.

T Moyo,


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