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Stop negative reporting of govt

Below are examples of negative reporting which prod people into quietly asking: “Aren’t there any positive things taking place in Zimbabwe?”

elvetica, sans-serif”>Surely your reporting has to be impartial. That is what readers pay for – to read impartial stories for or against the government, MDC, Zanu PF, etc.

It has become the norm that if Zanu PF is mentioned it should be a negative story or something scandalous! Where MDC is portrayed, it is like an angel. In actual fact, it is the media which has campaigned for President Robert Mugabe, unknowingly, especially abroad. We have seen it in the West and in our neighbouring country, South Africa, more than 1 500 white farmers were killed for reasons not even defined but the 10 killed in Zimbabwe have been blown in the airwaves globally.

So it came as a big surprise for George Bush when he was given a video cassette in South Africa on the killings. He was lost for words because it was not what the media had informed him all along. He realised what was happening in Zimbabwe was not what was portrayed in the media.

Please, I am not being heavy on you but this is my advice. Just check on some of the headlines below yet so much is happening in Zimbabwe, much more positive than you could have imagined around last Xmas when I was in the country.

“Chinese firm abandons Nuanetsi project”, “Govt’s proposals on cash crisis flawed – analysts”, “Green Bombers to run council elections”, “Church dismisses Chinamasa’s remarks”, “GMB forecast to incur $302b loss”, “Bread shortages set to worsen”, “Arex bungles Mat food assessment”, “Chinotimba barred from poll contest”, and “CSC beef export deal thrown into doubt”.

Shelton Mariga,


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