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Robbed twice but culprits roaming free

THE thieves that have ransacked my neighbour’s house, stolen my borehole electrics (twice) and created havoc here (Vumba) over the past few weeks along with assaulting the undersigned (a close sh

ave, too) were released on bail.

Can you believe it! What are we coming to?

On the evening of August 4 they returned to our area and tried to break into one of the staff cottages and then went on to break into the neighbour’s and stole the TV, satellite decoder and video machines while they were asleep.

Give up! Really and truly, if the justice system here has collapsed then we are all doomed. How on earth can they allow this when they have admitted to the assault and thefts of ± $800 000 worth of property and have also retrieved some.

I can’t imagine this is an isolated case and feel for others who have to put up with this injustice but one thing is for certain, I am not going to let this matter rest on principle and as our right.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Gordon Addams,

Chairman, Inns of Zimbabwe.

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