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Reverend’s curses unfortunate

PLEASE allow me through your paper to respond to Reverend Edmond Locklear Jr, Pastor of the Bible Study Fellowship Church, Pembroke in the USA (Independent, August 8). I also hope he gets to read this.

“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Whilst I symphathise and am sorry for him and his flock over the loss of their US$11 200, having allegedly been conned by two Zimbabweans, I think it is unfortunate that he should start calling down curses and threats on the whole country as he does in his letter.

If what he alleges about the fraud is true then Jamikolo and Paul Sanko are best advised to repent. However, without intending to challenge his ministry for I’ve never been ministered to by him, I sure would like to question some of the issues he raises. He writes “…to recover God’s money…” The Bible to the best of my limited knowledge does not record any one time that God possessed money or ever expressed interest in it. I doubt if the money allegedly conned was God’s but his followers’.

There are many places in the Bible where God would warn people of imminent dangers. Why wasn’t the Bible Study Fellowship forewarned? He quoted from a number of verses in his letter yet there is one which springs to my mind about a fool and his money being easily parted.

Anyway, if God really told him to write to the alleged fraudsters, Zimbabwe’s president and suffering Zimbabweans, as he claims, so be it. Zimbabwe should expect therefore to be afflicted by greater turmoil, decay and trouble.

I hope the reverend will be following events in this country closely because should the opposite happen and the country prospers instead, then it’s likely it either wasn’t God who spoke to the reverend in the first place or the reverend lied. Either way this should be of concern to Bible Study Fellowship followers.

Lastly, I would advise the reverend to engage appropriate organisations like the police and Interpol in his efforts to recover the money. Good luck.

Ezra Chakunda,


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