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Rev Locklear a naive and willing victim

IN response to the two letters from Reverend Edmond Locklear Jr (Independent, August 8), I would like to make the following comments to him:

elvetica, sans-serif”>First off, you are an idiot. As if throwing away your money to disingenuous criminals in a far away land was not evidence enough of this, your puerile attempts to blackmail the citizens of this country with preposterous threats surely is. You are also a hypocrite and your vengeful words fly in the face of Christian doctrine.

Clearly you take the people of this country to be as ridiculously naive as yourself. Whilst I don’t condone the fraud that you have been a willing victim of, your specious claim that the whole matter is in our hands is laughable. In fact, the matter is in your hands. And no, the vast majority of us haven’t the faintest idea where Ndlovu Jonce Jamikolo and Paul Sanko “lie”. Possibly because, like many good criminals, they would have used pseudonyms. Have a word with yourself.

Furthermore, we have enough famine, fire, drought and pestilence already thank you very much. Perhaps you started your prayer campaign a few years back? As for praying for government officials to have sleepless nights, do not think that you will succeed where others have failed.

Craig Millar,


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