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Open letter to Morgan Tsvangirai

PLEASE do not allow yourself to have your vision of reality set by the international negotiators who are currently assisting you to reach a solution to Zimbabwe’s political and economic problems.

The time-scale to which these people are operating is unrealistic – they will judge the whole operation a success if Mugabe resigns by December this year or even by March 2004.

But the economy is now in freefall – it will not last until December.

Tell the distinguished and highly prestigious gentlemen that you have your feet on the ground, that you are a man of the people, and that you care for the fate of your peasants and your workers and your middle classes.

Only a scenario whereby Mugabe removes himself before the end of this month will have any chance of rescuing what is left of the Zimbabwean economy. International businessmen and NGO’s are hovering like vultures to benefit from a collapsed economy.

Save your country for its own people. Act now, ruffle feathers, tell the highly-venerated that they have it wrong. History will judge you to have done the right thing at the right time.

Alex Weir,


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