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Only escape from Jonah’s baton stick

YOUR publication gives a clear insight on what’s happening in Zimbabwe. I am not a politics fan but what’s happening at the moment can keep only a fool’s mouth shut. Even a strong cricket fan cel

ebrated when Zimbabwe qualified for the Nations Cup.

When I was still living in Zimbabwe I used to think that owning a car is a measure of wealth. Most of us are still made to believe that having bacon, eggs, meat and chimombe (milk) on the table every morning is leisure. Oh no! Those are necessities and basics of everyday life. People who have lived in well-governed countries will agree with me.

Almost everyone drives a car out here, from the so-called matanyela (cleansing personnel) to the so-called mahobho (security guard). Those people are treated with respect and are entitled to the basics like anybody else. It’s only in Zimbabwe where the government puts even a sweet beyond the reach of a poor child.

Zimbabwe does not need to be rich or to be a first world country to provide for its people.

Jonah Moyo (I don’t mean you the great musician), you know that very well. It’s only one day. The plane that you hijacked shall come crashing like an iceberg.

“Let’s defend the country’s stability,” that’s bull Jonah.

Why make people believe that people who have sought economic asylum are suffering? Lies. That’s the only industrial action that keeps us away from your baton stick.

Stan Makuwe,

New Zealand.

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