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Mr President, please stay away

I BELIEVE all Zimbabweans expect our national soccer team to win tomorrow’s match. I appreciate all those who are supporting our team. But in Shona we have a term muchekadzafa which refers to opportunists who give help with ulterior motiv


Such people hide when others are doing all the donkey work, only to pop up when the job is almost done. They then start working not to complete the job but to get a name. Any help from vana muchekadzafa is not appreciated.

A few years ago we lost a golden chance to host the continental tournament because there was no government support. The government was not and is still not interested in soccer.

Our team has been struggling for a long time, mainly facing financial problems, but the government did not want to assist.

Now that it looks as if the Warriors have succeeded, the government is popping up at the last minute with assistance. It has pledged $100 million.

Is it because they truly want to help and motivate our team or they want to get a name and appear as if they made the team successful?

Where have they been all along?

We are also informed that there will be a guest of honour at the stadium on Saturday. I hope the guest of honour is not President Mugabe. We do not know Mugabe as a soccer fan.

If he liked soccer then he would have attended some previous games this year. Though I am not superstitious, I know that we have lost several matches which were attended by Mugabe.

We have a better chance of winning the match if Mugabe is not there. Instead of being at the match, I hope Mugabe will be addressing a rally somewhere down in the rural areas.

Jabu Mukono,


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