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MDC must tread carefully on talks

THE idea of talks between the MDC and Zanu PF is, theoretically speaking, very noble and might bring about a reincarnation of the social, economic and political vibrancy of our country.

However, before we start to ululate we need to think cautiously and deeply about every step that we take towards this desired goal. Not all roads that may appear like they are green may take us there, especially when we are dealing with Zanu PF.

In my view the road is still very slippery for the people. The MDC must bear in mind that their vehicle carries the majo-rity of Zimbabweans and any foolish and hasty driving will be a disaster for the people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC must remember all the way through that Zanu PF is cunning.

Zanu PF can plant as many land mines along the road before the journey begins. Then they will invite their opponents to travel along the paths, assuring them that the road is safe.

Remember PF-Zapu, remember Ndabaningi Sithole who died with a pending assassination smear still hanging over his head? Remember as we speak about negotiations, Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube have an assasination smear right in their chests. That is Zanu PF in style.

I am not saying that Zanu PF is incorrigible. People reform but the MDC must not throw away their trump cards such as the election petition in return for token exchanges. That is not wise negotiations. If the MDC drops the election petition in exchange for promises then it’s goodbye to the party and the hopes of the people of Zimbabwe.

There is no rocket science needed here. This is plain reasoning. In my view, legal challenges must not be dropped at all. There must be a legacy in Zimbabwe that legal issues must proceed to their natural conclusion no matter what, and this will help serve as a deterrent for any future leaders never to tamper with such important national issues like elections.

I hope we will not find ourselves in the deeper end of a political mess with these talks.

Simon Bere,


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