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Future doomed so long as Mugabe remains

EVERY week I read the financial and business articles in your paper with great interest, as well as similar articles in the other publications of the free press.


ator after commentator writes learned articles on the demons of inflation, lack of foreign exchange and lack of bank notes and so on, usually ending by calling for a “change in government policy”.

Why is it that not one of these erudite people ever mentions the real reason for the economic meltdown, a reason well understood by most tuckshop owners, gardeners and domestic workers? Are they blinded by their own science, or is the truth too frightening to speak aloud?

We all know that President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF are the problem, and that our economic problems will never, and can never, be solved until they are removed. We all know that Mugabe’s policies have brought ruination and starvation to the nation. Consider these facts, which again we all know.

The purpose of the land grab was to achieve the following objectives:

lCompromise the judiciary by making most of them receivers of stolen goods – other people’s property;

lCompromise the police and armed forces in the same way;

lReward loyal party cadres with the opportunity to loot the property and sell the produce of others;

lDelude the povo and unemployable into believing they were getting something for nothing; and

Hit back at white farmers for their perceived support of the rule of law and good governance in the form of the MDC.

It was never about agrarian reform or extension, it was never about food supply, it was never about effective land utilisation and it was never about the alleviation of poverty. It was only a bandit’s method of rewarding his gang to ensure their continued support.

So agriculture did not just die, it was deliberately killed in order to achieve a totally different objective. Tourism did not just die, it was also killed more or less by accident as a bye blow of the programme to intimidate the masses through naked violence, carried out in a large part by the state-sponsored Green Bombers and war veterans. Remember that the late Chenjerai Hunzvi said he was answerable only to Mugabe? And didn’t Joseph

Chinotimba say more or less the same thing?

That probably eliminated our two main sources of foreign exchange.

Next in the cycle of destruction we had really stupid price controls which devastated commerce and industry and at the same time gave the fat cats a wonderful and continuing opportunity to fleece the entire nation. Now we have a government that is withdrawing notes supposedly in order to ease the shortage of folding money!

These financial analysts also say we need billions in aid in order to resurrect agriculture. The only reason we need these billions is because our agricultural economy has been deliberately destroyed. No country in its right mind is going to donate billions to the same people who carried out the destruction. The world may be crazy, but it’s not yet that crazy. The only time we’ll get any meaningful aid is when the culprits have been removed and a credible government has replaced them.

So, to all those financial pundits I say: “Put away your textbooks, put away your mbanje-flavoured dreams and see reality. There is at present one, and only one solution to financial problems, and that is to get rid of Mugabe.

That is what you should be thinking of 24 hours a day. You really know in your hearts that until then the slide into oblivion will only accelerate – there is no technical, financial, policy or other solution. Have the courage to say so. Until our own “Weapon of Mass Destruction” is removed, we will have no hope of a future.

Charles Frizell,


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