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Empowerment leaders parasitic

I WAS not surprised to read in a local newspaper about the break-up of the National Miners’ Association. The association is similar to organisations such as Zexcom, IBDC, IBWO, AAG and Women in Business, which only benefit their leadershi


Some of these leaders have shamelessly looted funds entrusted to them by their members. Unscrupulously exploiting opportunities created by government, they have transformed themselves overnight into tycoons bound by no ethics or morals.

They have embarked on a crusade of self-enrichment in which the ostentatious display of wealth is par for the course. Top of the range vehicles such as BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and 4X4s are unashamedly parked in their front yards.

Business promotion trips to Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, South America, Europe and South Africa are nothing but opportunities to externalise foreign currency obtained under the guise of black empowerment.

Bureaux de change may have been officially closed, but these leaders continue to buy and sell foreign currency on the black market. They are a parasitic class which consumes everything but produces nothing.

They do not have the entrepreneurial skills to start and grow their own businesses. All they do is ruthlessly exploit their gullible members and feed on government largesse. Sadly, members of these organisations do not question what happens to their money.

Fortunately, the majority of the National Miners’ Association members have seen the light and done the right thing. They have discarded the lacklustre and directionless leadership of Giles Munyoro.

But the breakaway members must demand an audit to establish the fate of their contributions and investments. A similar exercise must be carried out in other empowerment organisations. The same leaders who were elected at inception are still at the helm. They desperately cling to power to cover up their financial mismanagement and abuse of office.

William Kufandada,


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