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Claim your democratic rights

I WOULD like to know what achievements have been made by this government over the last 23 years.

Sit down quietly and t

hink about it.

The man who has “degrees” in violence – what has he done for the country and its people? How better off are you today than you were 20 odd years ago? Think about it.

How many of you have lost dear ones in the last 20 odd years? How angry are you?

Are you so bitter that you live in fear as a coward because you are bullied? Think about it.

For how long are you prepared to wait for change in your life? Waiting for the MDC to put it right, waiting until you starve to death, waiting for President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair to save us?

Brothers and sisters you are waiting in vain and will continue to be dictated to by this government until the day you die unless you unite and claim your democratic rights as Zimbabweans, whether you are black, blue, pink or yellow. Think about it.

This old man and his thugs are laughing all the way to their foreign and local banks because we are a stupid educated lot. Think about it.

God bless Zimbabwe.

T Moyo,


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