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Zimpost pricing self out

ZIMPOST should not keep us out of touch by delinking us from tomorrow through postal costs which are now astronomical.

The postman is now a rare sight in the high density residential areas.

Zimpost should not price itself out of the market! Even when stamps were costing a mere $500 many people had trouble sending their mail.

Now that the stamps are costing between $4 000 and $7 000, even more people will be unable to afford them on a regular basis.

Those in the rural areas are now obviously excluded. They normally have problems in raising money even for a box of matches or the grinding mill. What more for a postage stamp which is now perceived as a luxury?

Even Zimpost’s sister company, the People’s Own Savings Bank, is now excluding the poor through their $10 000 minimum deposit.

Society cannot be effectively run on the basis of exclusion.

Milton Njuzu Mandaza,


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