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Zimbabwe waiting for a Black Moses?

RECENTLY, I travelled to South Africa for a conference I met a gentleman who was very candid on his attitude towards Zimbabweans.

He talked about Zimbabweans as if he had lived in the country. He said Zimbabweans, among other th


* are hardworking, innovative and reliable;

* are arrogant, know everything about anything;

* are tough and uncompromising;

* are good at preaching their folly to others. They love platforms to shout to the world that they have been wronged. Even their leaders also shout when an opportunity arises, especially at United Nations conferences;

* are good at destroying;

* create unemployment and force-march their citizens to neighbouring countries and abroad to work as slaves and repatriate foreign currency;

* believe among them that some Black Moses will pitch up to liberate them from the tide of poverty;

* look to others to solve their own in-house problems. For example, Abuja Chogm, the Troika, Thabo Mbeki, Olusegun Obasanjo and Kofi Annan;

* spend hours selling wares at traffic lights in South Africa;

* fight among themselves instead of the enemy Zanu PF; and

* are unacceptably tolerant. They never raise a voice or revolt even if the Zanu PF government steals elections, destroys their livelihood (agriculture), fuels inflation to over 1 000%, destroys their houses with bulldozers and steals their money by removing three zeros.

I also note they are blaming trade union leaders for being savaged by the Zanu PF government.

All Zimbabweans should accept they have a problem and the problem is themselves. Why berate others for not doing enough when we can’t do anything ourselves?

Vincent Gwarazimba,


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