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We must fight for freedom

IT is amazing to see how nonentities inebriated by their cowardice, equipped with worthless, “philosophical” sophisms still want us to recognise the “reelection” of Robert Mugabe as a preconditio

n for him to meet MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. It is not only an insult but insanity as well.

After allowing Mugabe to destroy everything he could with his senile arrogance Denford Magora (Independent, May 9) thinks no, it is the MDC. Shame on you! The kind of logic you used should definitely belong to elementary school.

If Mugabe has the nation at heart as you blindly implied, then why does he allow illiterate and muddleheaded thugs to move around terrorising those who differ with his bigotry and cynicism?

Why did he allow Joseph Chinotimba to destabilise commercial farming, an activity that has pulled the country down to its knees? Why did he give the land to a few of his accomplices at the expense of the suffering majority?

It is now time to fight – forget about tricksters like Olusegun Obasanjo and Thabo Mbeki. They will not liberate us. We must fight for our Independence otherwise future generations shall also blame us for our “quiet diplomacy”.

We only have ourselves to blame, not the MDC.

Nikolai Sanyika,


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