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Tsvangirai cannot go it alone

THE battle to normalise Zimbabwe cannot be left to the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai alone as some quarters think.

If we leave that task to them, we will continue complaining in kombis, lifts, buses, supermarkets, shops, the diaspora and bars and no change will ever visit us.

We have allowed Zanu PF to cow us into submission. We have taken a back seat when it comes to action yet we want Tsvangirai to lead the way. When we are called to act, we let him down. For him, trying to fight for a new Zimbabwe is a waste of time because he faces the enemy alone.

It now appears even leaders in all opposition ranks have noticed that and are now in politics so that they can survive unemployment. It is now the way they can keep themselves occupied. It is not their fault, we have let them down.

We the people should act and leave behind those we think are not helping the cause. I have seen how a bus full of people is harassed by one hwindi (tout) even to the extent of being told to disembark from the bus. I have seen how five Zanu PF youths have terrorised 100 vendors who are trying to earn an honest living. We are cowards. We should remember that bravery is not the absence of fear but the courage to act in the presence of fear. 

Let us all unite, gather courage and confront this monster. It cannot be achieved by an individual or a party. A national crisis requires a national approach.

Trevor Mashayamombe

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