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They will join us instead

I FIND it deeply distressing that our “police force” is still making every effort possible to stop us in our efforts to improve the situation in this country.

The unusually savage beatings of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union

s officials last week indicated to us that these policemen have indeed been to the re-education camps set up by the government.

They still can’t seem to realise that what we are doing will also benefit their children in the future. I cannot understand why they should want to beat and torture these people to the point that they get physically tired and end up doing it in relays. Are they so determined to prove to us how stupid and uninformed they are about the current situation, and what the future holds if this situation is not put right now?

The other worrying fact is that the government is involving the army now. That’s quite sad, because I always had a lot more respect for the army because they seem to be that much more intelligent.

It remains to be seen how they go about defeating the masses. Will they shoot us?

As far as the “green bombers” are concerned, they are completely uneducated and have no future here even in a new Zimbabwe. We know they will beat, rape and even kill anyone, even members of their own family and extended families just for a few dollars.

We have all their names as well as the names of the police who have beaten and tortured innocent Zimbabweans. Eventually we will see justice done.

In the meantime, let us completely ignore these people and shut them out of our daily lives. Hopefully, when the time comes for us to re-group they will join us instead of beating us.

We are all looking for a better future even for them. Together we can achieve this, divided it’s more difficult but we will win in the end.

Peter Macklyn,


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