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Swindlers on the loose, teachers be warned!

THE Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) warns teachers that there are some dubious elements in our midst that seem to be championing the cause of teachers yet in actual effect, a

re swindling teachers of their hard-earned money.

They are moving around the country promising teachers heaven on earth, yet in reality their promises are illusionary and aimed at hoodwinking teachers who, for so long a time, have remained victims of government’s intransigence.

There are people like the eccentric self-styled commander of farm invasions, Joseph Chinotimba, a man of abundant and bogus war credentials, who is spearheading a housing scheme which, among other things, seeks to provide housing to teachers.

Firstly, people like Chinotimba, whose political career is presently in the intensive care unit owing to his escapades in the volatile Tsholotsho constituency, cannot lead such an initiative because he is dependent on unwavering patronage which he now lacks.

Zanu PF is purely an entity that is held together by loyalty, patronage and force. The housing project that he so proudly brags about is derived only from patronage. Even the president does not have a housing cooperative under his name, what more of political nonentities like Chinotimba.

The other dubious element who purports to help teachers is the self-ordained God’s prophet, Reverend Obadiah Musindo. He is also involved in clandestine and irregular investment crusades with teachers whom he promises housing.

PTUZ welcomes the efforts by these men who should join the rest of the teachers in their fight for a living wage that can enable them to afford decent housing. They need salaries that sustain the basic needs of a skilled worker in Zimbabwe, which is not the case at the present moment, and is precisely the reason why they fall prey to this kind of politicking.

Raymond Majongwe,

General Secretary, PTUZ,


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