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Shame on Chinamasa

Shame on Chinamasa

IT is with deep and enduring sadness that I read (on a daily basis) of the breakdown in law and order in a country that gave me so much.

ial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Everyone should be allowed to enjoy the most beautiful country in Africa. What a shame that those in power have become so corrupt. It begins at the top. What a disappointment Patrick Chinamasa is.

I worked with him many years ago and he always appeared to be a man of principle.

What a shame his mother struggled for years selling vegetables to send him to university so that he could later waste the brain God gave him!

I pray daily for all the people in Zimbabwe, black and white, who love their country and stand for truth and justice for all.

Let the people of Zimbabwe know that the world is watching, waiting and praying for you all – eventually peace will prevail. God Bless.

Linda O’Brien,


Western Australia.

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