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I ENJOYED your article “Illegal fuel dealers prey on desperate motorists” (Independent, June 13). It made a lot of sense. Many litres of black market fuel keep the traffic moving and even cause delays during rush hours!

You quoted a fuel marketer as saying “the government was aware of the policy error it made in March when it increased the price of fuel without addressing the supply side …

Trade on the black market has conditioned motorists to buying expensive fuel … If the government increases the price of fuel now to say $1 000 per litre it will not hurt the motorists much …” How interesting!

The sugar story is one of the Zimbabwean scandals of recent years. Not much has been reported about the shortage in the shops which has persisted for about a year now.

We are aware that small amounts can be bought at tuckshops at black market prices.

At the end of last month Hippo Valley’s annual report made interesting reading. They had a good crop. The chairman commented that much of their product went to the informal sector and to exports and so there was little left over for Zimbabweans! Rumours abound about where the sugar is going and who have the export permits!

Sugar is not a strategic commodity. The supply is enough for us all. Why has government kept the price down? The comments made by the “fuel marketer” on the pathetic fuel situation do not apply to the sugar story.

Why is our sugar “the cheapest in the region” and yet Zimbabweans cannot buy it freely in supermarkets? Zimbabweans are now “conditioned” to buying expensive sugar.

Government could raise the price any day and the public would not complain.

Read between the lines as I did with the Hippo Valley report!



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