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MDC is just like Zanu PF

I WOULD like to comment on an article (Independent, September 1) by the MDC Secretary for Information and Publicity, Nelson Chamisa titled “Corruption blitz netting only small fish”.

The MDC is not any better than GMB’s Samuel Muvuti. The party needs to b

e given a chance and it will do exactly the same thing. Who does Chamisa think he fools when he says “MDC believes in a transparent and accountable government”? What a nonsensical joke.

The violence, the split, the scheming of would-be parliamentarians and under-hands at Harvest House are just enough to show people that indeed MDC equals Zanu without a PF for they both thrive on public ignorance.

Mawanei Somhlolo,
Nkulumani, Bulawayo.

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